IMG_20180124_153008_010Citizens Power Network runs entirely on donations. Any amount is appreciated whether it’s the $5 you just have laying around or the $100 you put aside every year for charity. If you have any questions or concerns while deciding whether to donate to our organization, you can contact us here. All donations are tax deductible. Below you’ll find a list of our causes you can donate to.





Our general funds are what pay for all of our expenses that enable us to provide the many services that we do. These range from paying our employee salaries, transportation costs, and all other overhead expenses. A donation to our general funds is what will keep our organization strong and will ensure our efforts continue. You can donate here.


Richmond Vota!

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Richmond Vota! is an upcoming voter registration event we are putting on for the youth of Richmond, California. We’ll be registering students age 16 and up. There will be food, games, activities, and informationals. Donating to this cause will ensure all of our supplies and activities are paid for, and would be a great help to ensuring our communities are filled with active and engaged citizens. You can donate here.



HWH Civic Engagement Bootcamp 2018

Helena-Bootcamp-FlyerThe Helena-West Helena Civic Engagement Bootcamp 2018 is an upcoming bootcamp we are putting on for the students of Central High School in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas. The bootcamp will be a week-long after school where we will be leading sessions on journalism, leadership, public speaking, power mapping, and other tools students can use to be civically engaged in their community. A donation to this cause will go towards students supplies such as snacks and food, awards for teachers who will be volunteering, and towards our community event that we will end the week with as well as all other needed supplies. You can donate here.

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