HWH Civic Engagement Bootcamp

To all students of Central High School, join us for Citizens Power Network’s Civic Engagement Bootcamp 2018!

This is a free week-long 9th-12th grade leadership, journalism, and community organizing training program provided by local educators and leaders, including Mr. Russel Smith, Ms. Linda English, Mr. Steven Heard, Mr. John Hoy, Mr. Boone, Mr. Simpson, and Ms. Jackson. – Facilitated by Mr. Sellarole and Mr. Caro from Citizens Power Network.

The political climate is especially turbulent right now – nationally and locally. At this bootcamp, you will receive training on how to decipher between true and “fake news,” how to organize your community into political action groups, and learn how to take personal leadership roles in local politics and in community organizing.

The bootcamp will be held after school all week, Monday through Friday, of March 12-16th from 3:15-5:15pm. T-shirts, snacks, and food will provided.

We will be concluding with a Saturday celebration: Central Rap Squad Concert and a community talent show.

If you are a member of the Helena-West Helena community and would like to donate, you can donate here

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