Who We Are


Our Mission

Women in leadership

Citizens Power Network is in the process of being a 501c3 nonprofit organization with the mission to educate and motivate citizens to vote and be civically engaged in their communities. Our focus is K-12 students, as they are our next generation of citizens. We provide many services to students and the community with the purpose of fulfilling this mission. Our hope is for students and community members to use the skills they learn from our services to better their communities.



Our Model


Citizens Power Network will only offer its services to communities who invite us to enter. This is to ensure we remain grassroots and are never invasive.

We will facilitate conversations around many issues and let the public decide their stance on such issues. This is to ensure our organization does not push an agenda that’s not aligned with the will of the people.

We will rely on local community volunteers for our events and services. This is to ensure our organization is ran locally and to give professional experience to our youth.



What We Support

We support communities and access to civic participation. Our mission is not to support any one issue over another. Instead, we’ll create spaces for community members to learn and discuss issues that are affecting them. We will support community decisions by giving trainings on community organizing and providing methods of gaining community input. As an organization, we will always be non-partisan and will never try to sway public opinion.

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