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Kendall Stevens

Kendall Stevens

Kendall Stevens is currently a student studying at the University of California, Berkeley. She plans to major in History, with a concentration on Education in the United States; in addition, she is planning to minor in Education to further her understanding in critical pedagogy. Ms. Stevens has always been passionate about education in her community. As a daughter of two educators, she has grown up with a love of learning and a recognition of the societal impact academic opportunities can potentially create. She has extensive experience working with students from a multitude of different backgrounds. Similarly, interaction with such students has taken place in various settings—be it through interning in the classroom, one-on-one tutoring, or teaching afterschool and summer programs. Kendall hopes to teach abroad after her undergraduate education is complete. She will likely settle down, however, in California after completing a credential program. The passion of the Bay Area’s community members is what most excites Ms. Stevens about living in Berkeley.

She loves meeting new people who share her desire to advocate for K-12 students, teachers, and parents within the public school system. Citizens Power Network is very close to her heart, as the relationships established have greatly impacted her overall college experience. She looks forward to the future connections that will develop through working with this community.



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