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The first service we’ll often provide to a school is presentations. They are split split up between the first half going over the importance of voting and the second half going over the importance of civic engagement. We cover what students should expect on a ballot, voting trends, and ways they can participate in their community beyond voting. The goal of this service is to ensure students are 100% ready to vote and are motivated to go beyond voting.



Civic Engagement Bootcamps


CPN provides civic engagement bootcamps to schools or groups that would like to learn a multitude of skills in a short period of time. We put on our bootcamps two hours a day for five days covering 5-10 different sessions. Each school or group that seeks our bootcamps can choose from a multitude of sessions. Sessions include subjects that discuss art in organizing, reading the news critically, organizing vs. protesting, public speaking as a weapon, turning ideas into reality, and much more. Our bootcamps are usually led by staff members, but we’ve often had passionate teachers and community leaders lead sessions. The goal of these bootcamps is to teach students and other groups a multitude of skills that they can apply in their local communities.



Weekly Trainings

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We have student-led clubs that meet weekly at each school we work with. During these club meetings, CPN provides trainings to build skills around civic engagement. We go over things such as power-mapping, community outreach, drafting policy, public speaking, etc. Students then go over how these skills can be used in their own community organizing. At each site, we have either CPN staff or volunteers that work with student leaders in order to train other students on these lessons. The goal of these trainings is to help students gain the skills so they can better advocate and improve their communities.



Town Halls and Debates


During times where community input is most needed, CPN will host town hall meetings in order to provide a space for community members to share their views. These town hall meetings will be open to the public and centered on specific issues. CPN will also host debates during election seasons to give people an opportunity to learn more about the candidates running to serve them. Town halls and debates will be used as a way to inform people on the many issues and discussions affecting people’s communities. The goal of town halls and debates is for government officials to gain community input, as well as to help community members make informed decisions.



Media Platforms

the-citizen_dj_std.originalCPN will also use a multitude of media platforms to share people’s views and stories. Our first platform is “The Citizen“. On “The Citizen“, we’ll be sharing people’s stories on the positive impact they’ve had on their communities when they’ve chosen to get involved and be civically engaged. Next is “The Power“. On “The Power“, we’ll be humanizing laws and policies by sharing people’s testimonies on how certain laws and policies have or will have affected them. The goal of these services is to share stories and narratives to inspire future actions.

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