Town Hall on Positive School Climate Resolution



On Monday, November 13th, Citizens Power Network held its first Town Hall. The focus of the event was on the proposed Resolution to Establish a Positive School Climate Policy. There was a good chance the resolution would pass (and it did, unanimously), so we decided to focus on what would come after the resolution: community input.

Now that the resolution has passed, the superintendent is tasked with creating a policy to propose by the end of the 2018-2019 school year. The resolution calls for there to be input from the community on this new policy but doesn’t provide for specific procedures on how to gain that input. At CPN’s town hall, we began creating a list of suggestions for the new policy which you can view and download here: Suggestions for the Positive School Climate Policy.

The Suggestions for the Positive School Climate Policy, came from the efforts of a few parents, students, teachers, and school climate coordinators. It is a growing list of suggestions as we plan on having future town hall meetings on this subject when we return from Winter Break.

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